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Akasa, with a stellar line up of Morris Hayes, Nick Michaels, Aaron Stern and Shenkar, has created a musical consciousness which envelops and enriches the soul. Her rich voice reaches out, enticing you to become involved, to really listen and be immersed in the music which is being created.

Mystical and diverse there is an element of transformation, healing and thanksgiving in each track, which has been created to share and enjoy.

Unexpectedly, the music flows across many genres from spiritual to classical, a touch of the pulse  of the gypsy, a dash of Gregorian chanting; rhythms and concepts from many other influences and times are blended into a musical sojourn.

Akasa’s  personal background is such that she often works within  a diverse  sector of the community  ranging across the mysticism of the  Sharman, to single mothers and battered and abused women, which is reflected in her melodies, as they offer healing and release from many of life’s trauma’s,  through the wonderful, transitional  medium of music.

You can read much into this intricate music but overall it is enriching, creative and healing and so very beautifully, unexpected. Open your mind and let the music take you where it will, enjoying every moment.



PublisherSky Children Media