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Sierra Kilo Alpha

Right from the first note the big, rich full bodied sound simply hits you full on with no excuses, no excuse- me’s, just, plain fun, funk and enjoyment, with the underlying driving force being fun, reggae and more fun, much more fun!

Don’t simply believe me, just listen to the lyrics hidden within the beat and then you decide just what the bottom line is for these talent muso’s out to enjoy what they do best, make music.

Lead by Nicky Bomba, the band formed up more than ten years ago to celebrate the wonderful Jamaican sound known as Ska, just one time only, which lead to yearly appearances, until they realised they were onto something and formed a more cohesive approach to their, what was fast becoming, signature sound, Ska with attitude.

This latest release, the second album for the group, has been formed around a collaborative effort of the many band members who all had something to contribute, so much so that the entire concept changed and then the fun really began; the end product is something that makes you ‘move with the groove’, smile and simply enjoy the beat.

Each of the tracks has a very different set of lyrics, some reminiscent of Mad Magazine, a beloved of the ‘50’ and ‘60’s era, where anything went and somehow it all made sense. When you consider Ska was born about this time, the late 1950’s to early 1960’s, perhaps the comparison is not so far out.

Created in Jamaica in celebration of their Independence, Ska was representative of a new era, one of hope, and new beginnings. Powerful, rich, enjoyable and with the certain panache only achieved by the Jamaicans and their music, Ska was a fresh new addition to the world of music.

Melbourne Ska Orchestra (MSO) have taken it one step further adding the sound of big band, a little swing, definitely funk, and somewhere in their there is sure to be a little jazz as well; there is a little something of everything packaged into an energetic, pulse pounding  energy.

Released in time for their Australian tour, the words and music are alive with power and passion from the somewhere between 17 to 35 members of MSO, as they do what they love to do best; create a fantastic new sound, based in the tremendously up-beat rhythms know as Ska, introducing a new generation to an all pervasive sound which is totally hard to forget.

If the sound is this full on the recording – full honours to the recording studios for capturing the essence as well as the sound – the live shows will simply blow you over with their energy, passion and fun!

If you are anywhere around a venue where they are performing live, either in Australia or overseas, where they have a huge following, make sure you go have a listen; it will change your day!

P.S. you also get a pair of 3D glasses and a funky little magazine with the album! Bit special!

Released April 2016
Artists Melbourne SKA Orchestra