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All encompassing, far reaching, rich and full barely begin to describe Kerani’s latest project of incredible majesty, beauty and strength.  As always she has based her compositions about one of the many aspects of the earth, this time predominantly space and all the various aspects of discovery, gravity, timelessness and infinity that still evolve as each mission to space is launched, bringing back fresh information, presenting almost on a daily basis the awe inspiring beauty that is space.

She has also paid tribute to the incredible Leonardo da Vinci whose curiosity and intelligence knew no bounds in the piece Perpetuum Mobile, reflecting on the 13th century when the search for perpetual motion began, and still continues with the thought that perpetual motion can truly only exist in space. Tubular bells make an eerie, futurist sound before they are joined by strings and the body of the orchestra creating a sense of space and timelessness to the song. There are subtle overtones reminiscent of Çlannard interwoven with the rhythms which completely changes the dimensions once again.

In the beginning there was ‘Stardust’ or more prosaically cosmic dust, which scientists believe are the building blocks of life as we know it. The song commences with what could almost be termed a hesitant piano note which builds into a richness as the structures begin to form, stars begin to shine, the earth begins to evolve and life begins to grow.

Cosmic Sunrise was inspired by the moment when the sun first peeps over the horizon, heralding the beginning of a new day. Astronauts in space see this from a completely differing aspect, being presented with a stunning kaleidoscope of coloured layers changing every 92 seconds.

Upbeat and funky The Next Step completely changes the pace, moving into the more edgy, modern style of composition, still maintaining the rich tones of space, discovery and anticipation which could almost be inspired by Mike Oldfield’s ground breaking compositions of the 1970s and ‘80’s.

Almost by default Infinity follows with the voices of a choir filling in the background to create a feeling of endlessness, time without structure, form or void. Diana van der Zee’s voice rises effortlessly over the body of work to take a journey into that deep mysteriousness known only as ‘deep space’.

Refreshingly beautiful, each of the ‘songs’, as Kerani likes to refer to the pieces takes a step closer to a completion which, as always with her works, comes with a message, that of respect of the planet we have been given as our home and to remind us that we need to respect each other, as we all are star children, coming from the stars and eventually to return to whence we once lived.

Her work  simply goes from strength to strength as she uses the medium of music and her incredible talent, to reach out to all people reminding them of the wonders we have in our universe, that we as the current custodians of this planet need to be more gracious and caring.

Stardust is also in tribute to all the men and women who go into space in the name of science and humankind.

Gloriously wonderful and totally immersing!

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2017
Running Time 62:44mins
Artists Kerani