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Terra Incognito: The Space Between

New Age Solo Pianist Richard Dillion has produced an album that is so very different to his past three, Land of Nod, Irish Mist and Ring Around The Moon, that for a brief moment you wonder if it is truly Richard behind this gloriously diverse album.

Based on two life journeys into unfamiliar territory, orchestration and licensing, this album is the culmination of what could easily be considered as a showcase of his immense talent, not just as a pianist but also as a musician and composer.  Terra Incognito is Richard Dillon at play and by the sound of it, thoroughly enjoying himself!

It is very apparent as the work unfolds that his underlying objectives of expression, colour change and flow, along with combinations of instruments has been incredibly successful.  Ten of the tracks have been revived, such as the delightfully up-tempo Ice Dancer; a piece reminiscent of the 1970’s hit Music Box Dancer.

Whalesong Redux gently introduces the collection which hints at another side, another time and place. The catchy little tune Color Me is the first of 4 vocal tracks changing the pace completely with the use of whistling, clapping and ukulele, paying tribute to rainbows, oceans and the sky.  Leonardo’s Flying Machine is a short piece adding another element to the feast.

Thoughtful and dreamy Beside Still Waters Redux is followed by Papillon perhaps written in homage to the delicate beauty of the butterfly. Dillon adds his vocals to It’s All right Redux to present yet another aspect of his talent. The words to this piece will resonate with many! A little chill is created in Cars, a completely electronic, rapid fire piece.

Into The Mines is interspersed with metallic clanging and scraping; sounds used to underpin the decent into the depths of the mines by men paid to mine the hidden riches.

Overall there are twelve piano pieces with accompaniment, five orchestral pieces, four vocal songs, two ambient and one chill piece to provide over an hour of irresistible music that simply must be listened to as an absolute indulgence. There are so many elements captured the music constantly changes and flows, one contrasting piece into another.

Having listed to the album four times to date, there is something new and fresh to be heard, to be enjoyed every time. The final piece I Could Care Less ends with a slightly whimsical set of words set to a catchy little tune with once again ukuleles providing the instrumentation.

Terra Incognito is a place, subject or situation that you are not familiar with, which nicely sums up this latest album from a musician noted for his solo piano, who generally fits into the classification of neo-classical and new aged!

Colours changing, blending, instruments harmonising melding creating a wonderful kaleidoscope of changing elements: thank you, Richard Dillon, for a wonderful listening experience.


Distributor CD Baby
Released February 2018
Artists Richard Dillon