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The Music of the Wounaan

 Music of the Wounaan is a fascinating musical journey back in time and history to the 1970’s when Hoyt Binders father Ron, recorded the melodies and vocals for the music that has been brought into the 21st Century with the skillful addition of guitar, flute, bass, keyboards and percussion to create a delicately poised collection of pieces laced with charm and appeal.

 Introducing both the music and the culture of the Wounaan is This is my path, featuring the tonal voice of a woman as she sings her way through her journey along a pathway. Interesting and definitely different there is an almost multicultural overlay to words and the measured rhythm.

A delightful instrumental piece The Gathering showcases the soft influence of the modern instruments, when combined with traditional music that stretches back before the 16th Century, seldom herd beyond the area the Wounaan still inhabit today.

As a tribal culture these semi nomadic people, the Wounaan, live along the waterways, using them as their highways and byways, still living a largely traditional lifestyle. They are recognized by the Government of Panama and live quietly in the Darien rainforests. How long this can continue is unknown, as the sadly modern world encroaches on all aspects of today’s world.

A Small Rainfall is an up-tempo piece, the original vocal recording interspersed with a strong guitar introduction backed with percussion, once again featuring the tonal vocals of a woman, before the flute joins in adding a delicate melody.  

Modern and traditional sounds come together seamlessly in Flight of the Vultures creating a rather intriguing combination of sound. Modern in extreme, the eerie sounds of keyboards, flute and guitar brings immediately to mind these large birds of prey circling, watching and waiting.

Oh Creator, a delicate and beautiful piecebrings a most enjoyable collection to a conclusion with some intricate guitar work, the haunting melodies of the flute, and delicate backing.

All songs on The Music of the Wounaan are traditional, written by the Wounaan: the melodies have been inspired by the spirit of the river with improvised and traditional lyrics, arranged by Hoyt Binder. This collection has been a work of love from Hoyt Binder; for him also a time of returning to his childhood when he grew up in Panama with the Wounaan people.

Distributor River Songs
Released September 2021
Artists River Song