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In this current album from the talented trio of Sherry Finzer, Darin Mahoney and Will Clipman we are taken on a toe tapping, spirit shifting, hip swinging and totally enjoyable journey around the world courtesy of Trialogue.

Cote d’Ivoire with its wonderfully blended mix of Latino pulses coupled with the deep reverberating tones of the bass flute, some serious drum work and a touch of flamboyance sets the standard for what is to follow; pure enjoyment created at the hands of three serious and talented exponents of their art, making wonderful music.

Midnight in Marrakech is introduced with the drumming of Clipman, immediately establishing the mood of the dark, steamy, dangerous streets of Marrakech after the lights are dimmed and the pulse of the day is settling. Moody, deep, glorious feeling is created with the skilful use of the flute, adding its haunting tones to the continuous pulsing of the drums.

Changing pace entirely is Confused which perhaps says it all, as this is a slightly introspective piece, delicate, gentle and appealing, somehow ever-so-slightly questioning but at the same time very refreshing.

In the talented hands of Sherry Finzer, the flute soars over the guitar and subtle drumming introducing Dark Horse, bringing together the three instruments in a piece that takes the spirit out there with the breeze, the wild empty plains, creating a total sense of freedom, recognizing no barriers, rejoicing in the moment, the place, the space.

Far more cosmopolitan is Top Down, commencing with an up tempo rhythm which immediately sets the toe tapping, bringing in a more modern beat and finishing with an almost distinctive country sound – definitely different.

Woodland Lake showcases the talent of Darin Mahoney as he creates the wind whipped whitecaps to be seen on any lake anywhere on a day when the sky is moody, the sun shines fitfully and the air is alive with the changing moods of mother earth doing her thing. This track is refreshing, enlivening and once again, a complete change of tempo to the previously mellow and reflective piece in Alger St.

Not at all what is expected by the slightly ‘uppity’ title of Thanks for Asking, the dulcet tones of the flute combine effortlessly with guitar and drums create a slightly sombre piece given to reflection and interpretation, or simply to sit and contemplate and allow the mind to wander wherever it will go.

The final and glorious piece is a composition by Scott Cossu titled Wolf Haven. Finzer, Mahoney and Clipman have taken this composition creating pure alchemy to blend an emotional, delicate, enchanting instrumental piece, which showcases the individual talent of the musicians and the artful skill of the composer. Allow this piece to transport you where you will and then to return refreshed and enlightened.

Beautiful, contemporary and timeless this is an album of pure enjoyment that will have a wide

Distributor Heart Dance records
Released April 2016
Running Time 44.46 mins
Artists Sherry Finzer: Darin Mahoney: Will Clipman