Be Happy 35 Powerful Methods for Personal Growth & Well being 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 6, 2019


Author  Rebecca Ray

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781631064890
Publisher:         Quarto US/
Release Date:   April 2018  


Like many things in life, information comes to you when it is often most needed; to advise, encourage or inform as will this lovely little guide to happiness, Be Happy created by Dr Rebecca Ray and presented in a manner that will help to better understand what happiness is truly all about.

As is already known, happiness can and is a transient state of emotion and mind, frequently bought about by momentary satisfaction, such as the purchase of that stunning new dress, a win on the lotto or a perfect smile from your beloved child.

But as it is a fleeting thing, in many instances moving on as rapidly as it arrived, it raises the question, surely there must be more to this happiness thing than just a temporary fix, or a fleeting feeling.

Perhaps it could be a matter of choosing how life is lived, the elements allowed in to make a difference, the effort that may be required to train the brain to accept that happiness is all around us, we simply need to look for it and cultivate it, each and every day,

This lovely journey into happiness is divided into four very constructive components, Choosing, Cultivating, Practicing and Making Space for…………. which is the best structure to begin any new venture. Each section is broken down into small components to be read, enjoyed, discovered and mastered. At the end of each component there is a page titled making A Habit of…… to help embed the learned information.

Gratitude, mindfulness, relationships, along with that wonderful thing procrastination, are some of the many aspects of daily life that are discussed, with tips offered to help focus and guide towards a more positive and happier outcome.

35 little words, along with 35 methods of increasing your happiness quota have been delightfully presented, all backed up with sound advice, tried and true methodology and quirky little quotes that underpin the words under discussion.

Be Happy is the perfect size for tucking into the bag for that reassuring dip into the goal for the day, or sharing a point with a friend.