Canton Elegy 

Reviewed By  Tania Hawkins       January 11, 2014


Author  Stephen Jin-Nom Lee, and Howard Webster

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-78028-573-3
Publisher:         Watkins Publishing
Release Date:    


A true story from the memoirs of an inspiring man.

The author, Stephen Jin-Nom Lee was born in the village of Dai Waan in Zhongshan, near Guangzhou (formerly Canton), China in 1902.  This is Stephen’s story to his children; his legacy; his everlasting love.

Stephen died in 1970, leaving behind the Canton Elegy manuscript about his life in America and China, surviving the events that shaped China in the 20th Century – Chinese civil war; Second World War; and the Cultural Revolution.

As a family they survived war, poverty, famine, flood, corruption and social upheaval.  This story is for the children so they remember their history and their father’s love.  In Stephen words  –  “I want my heart to have a voice so I can love you louder”.

I implore you to read this story; immerse yourself in the pages and lives of the Lee family.  It’s a truly astonishing story that takes you through so much history that shaped the world as we know it.

“The story you are about to read will have to make do for the conversations we never had …”

“I want this manuscript to be a gentle golden thread of memory to connect us, to remind you that you, my children, were, and always will be, loved. The love I have for you is a single thread of shimmering, unbreakable certainty. One that was created with your first breath in this world and one that will be linked to you until your last. When the time comes for your own story to end, do not be afraid, my little ones. At that moment, you will see that thread of certain light. It will give you the courage to step through that last doorway and then guide you home to me.”