Climb a Different Ladder 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Walter Bellin

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978- 0-9872275-4-6
Publisher:         Jane Curry Publishing
Release Date:    


When a man as well-known in the field of leadership as Walter Bellin decides to write a book about successful leadership take note, as he is giving to you many of the tips and skills it has taken him a lifetime to discover as well as learn to use to the betterment not only of self but of many global organisations

It does not matter whether you are a CEO or a Mum trying to fund raise for the school there is something for everyone about leadership, along with the potential of self-discovery and self-understanding, contained within the pages.

Bellin has discovered over a lifetime of both studying and working within the field of Public Consultancy the secret to becoming a great leader is to understand your strengths and weaknesses; then work on them in order to stop repeating negative behaviour by turning it into positive strength.

He has used several case studies, both personal and professional, to illustrate the long term effects of behaviour on others and the results that can be achieved by a change in that same behaviour.

The first section of the book looks at the basic fundamental of personal development starting from the womb, childhood influences, family expectation and then self-expectation, or if you like the construction of your mental, emotional and behavioural treadmill.

You are then introduced to the Q12 mapping system in order to discover just what your patterning consists of and some of the ways you can take an honest look at your own personal treadmill in order to commence your voyage of self-discovery and change.

Moving on to the development of Higher Consciousness (an integral segment of further development) sees the pathway of self-discovery fleshed out until you have an understanding of why, how and what next.

Eventually the Unitive Self does emerge and this Unitive Self is the self which will and should set about creating a change in leadership styles from a more holistic view point.

Bellin believes that in today’s multicultural world a more compassionate and diverse leadership style is required in order to commence mindful, effective leadership built around the right kind of vision and values. He believes the way to achieve this leadership style is through self-awareness.

Whether it is a global organisation or the local Scout Troop the same principals apply to achieve a positive holistic state of leadership consciousness.

If you are serious about leadership and want to understand better how get a more positive, pro-active and happier workplace this is a book you should place firmly on your reading list.