Conversations with KATTER On politics,life and things that matter 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 29, 2018


Author  Bob Katter with Elliot Hannay

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781921024399
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:   February 2018  


Bob Katter is well known throughout the political world of Australia, definitely well known in his home state of Queensland, and not just for his political flair and style, but for his love of a good story.

In this look  back over his lengthy career in the limelight of public office, Bob Katter revisits some of the many memorable incidents that influenced him and his decision making, as he learned to understand better the needs of the people of North Queensland he represented,  and to find his way through the pitfalls of holding public office.

Presented as a series of stories and question and answer pieces, Katter offers a majestic insight into ‘the man under the hat’ who says what he thinks, often picking up the pieces afterwards, but more often than not being right on target. Seldom does he take the populist line, stating his opinion in a circuitous manner, before coming to the point.

He has always had a relatively high profile, beginning as a young child whom be refers to as ‘a scared little schoolkid trying to fend off bullies’, to a teen who brawled and won, growing into a man who took on some of the bullies of North Queensland and further afield, sometimes receiving a bloody nose and other times having a win.

As a young politician he was responsible for taking on ‘corrupt coppers’ through the Fitzgerald Inquiry, putting an end to police corruption on a major scale in Queensland, as well as what he considers the end of good Government, and having a long held respect for the Indigenous people of Australia, championing their cause where necessary. He is a man of contradiction, certainty, firmly held beliefs, a love of country, his North Queenslanders as well as an avid and strong campaigner for a just cause.

A wide range of subject matter is addressed in the 23 Chapters that form the background, life and times of Bob Katter, which are interesting, informative and equally as confounding, as they are surprising. His opinions on so many of the issues that are current and topical in today’s world of instant political fame and fortune, in a political popularity contest for position, have a down to earth ring of truth that resonates and resonates well.

This behind the scenes look at what makes this flamboyant character the man he is and the man who always attracts Press, regardless of the current political situation, is enlightening, entertaining and full of facts backed up by a keen intellect.

Strongly held views on Coal Mining, the Greens, Pauline Hanson, Muslims, the Banks, homosexuality, politics in general, Donald Trump, Julia Gillard, Tony Abbott, Kevin Rudd, the future of Australia and so much more, make for a totally fascinating read, which is both entertainingly and dare one say, revolutionary.

Well done Elliott Hanney for collating such an interesting range of subject matter from and by the master of storytelling, Bob Katter.