Diving for Pearls: The Wise Woman’s Guide to Finding Love 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       December 24, 2017


Author  Maggie Kay

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1780998657
Publisher:         O-Books
Release Date:   September 2017  

Website:    http://www.o-books.com 

Maggie has led an amazing life, one full of awareness and devotion to Buddhism and the truth. She became ordained in the Buddhism path and she spent her years gaining inner wisdom, and understanding herself. The author has chosen to share her life story with us, elaborating on the methods to use to find what you are looking for, therefor the book describes in-depth methods for ways to achieve peace, meditating and gaining inner wisdom, as well as her own story.

 Meditation became enormously important to Maggie after the death of her father. She describes the importance of breath awareness and the experiences that true meditation brought to her. She developed the art of being able to ask any question, from “Where should I park, or How do I find love?” and to know the correct answer from the voices or thoughts she would have, discovering the answer correct answer would feel open and expansive, and would come from love not fear.

 There is a large chapter on inner wisdom.  The author considers it to be beyond intelligence, a combination of the head and the heart making decisions. She discovered that it is absolutely necessary to let go of your own thoughts and needs, to surrender to the unknown and to think and live ethically. By doing this, it felt like losing control, but Maggie discovered, it can begin to feel comfortable in the unknown.

 Maggie describes to us how the loss of her beloved father, and her first love affected her wellbeing. She moved into a safe house, where she could grieve and heal. At that time, she was depressed and it was some time before she could resurface to accept a new job. The author suggests that there are ways of helping yourself when you are feeling under pressure. Accept yourself when you are feeling sad, and don’t resist the urge to dismiss unhappy feelings.  She then has quite a long list of things to do when bad times do arrive.

 Eventually, Maggie fell pregnant and was ecstatic to give birth to a baby boy. Her relationship with the child’s father had been a kind and friendly one, but not that of a long and lasting love. They lived together and co-parented for some years, but when an opportunity came for Maggie to move to the country, her partner went as well and so the family unit was still close, but not in the same house.

 Later, true love has come Maggie’s way, and she believes she now has the answer to finding your soul mate. Her pearls of wisdom are inspirational, and as gentle as the manner in which she has written this book.