Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 25, 2020


Author  Georgia Murch

Distributor:      Major Street Publishing
ISBN:                 9780648796305
Publisher:         Major Street Publishing
Release Date:   August 2020  

Website:    https://majorstreet.com.au 

Perfection or the pursuit of perfection is a pathway paved with emotional distress as many have discovered before they accept that perhaps being imperfect may be the next best option of the two; the more rewarding and comfortable.

Flawsome from Georgia Murch looks at this complex issue of accepting that we are all flawed, we are born as close to perfect as we are ever going to be, and then spend the rest of our lives chasing something we perceive as perfection in every aspect of our lives.

Using her own life journey of doing just that, aiming for perfection, she writes a no hold barred handbook on becoming comfortable with being you, by presenting the very real fact that by giving ourselves the freedom to be who we are we are, less than perfect, in fact flawed, we become Flawsome.

As the past 10 years of her professional life has been spent becoming an expert in designing feedback cultures in teams and organisation, she discovered that how we perceive ourselves has a direct effect on those around you, whether it be in the workplace, at Corporate levels, within relationships and as a member of family. Over her years working with a vast range of people she has listened to more than 20,000 people telling their story, which certainly gives her the creds to be able to construct a book such as Flawsome, which definitely contains life changing potential.

Murch asks you when reading this book to be brutally honest with yourself when working through the various chapters, which will create some confrontational moments, form embarrassing aspects and offer some light bulb moments or truths, which will all lead to acceptance of ‘learning to be holey’.  Courage is required to read this book coupled with a genuine desire to change, to be curious about who you really are, to be happier in your life journey.

At times funny, cringe worthy, and occasionally a little sad, humanity is explored from so many angles, presenting situations everyone will be able to relate to, unless they of course choose not to be on this journey of personal discovery to become Flawsome.

Flawsome offers a pathway towards the right to be flawed, to allow yourself to be a wonderful, caring, kind human who is happy to be holey, through and through. Georgia Murch says that by accepting that we are all flawed, we all have cracks, and becoming comfortable with the less than perfect pieces of ourselves, we give ourselves the right to become the best version of ourselves; to be kind to ourselves.