Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 18, 2022


Author  Charlotte Rasmussen

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925946253
Publisher:         Rockpool Publishers
Release Date:   April 2022  



Going back to basics in skincare and healthy living is the impetus that has led Charlotte Rasmussen to create her highly successful skincare business From Earth, which has lead onto her desire to share her knowledge on a wider basis; hence writing it down and offering her years of knowledge as a wonderful guide to removing chemicals from your life, particularly from your skin care regime.

Somewhat in the style of a ‘cook book or cookery course’, Rasmussen explains where she learned the skills she now uses and shares with many who feel a strong need for health or other reasons, to rid their lives of many of the chemicals that are hidden in many common use products.

Growing up in Scandinavia, she spend a lot of time with her grandparents on their farm. The open spaces and areas of forest, fresh air and natural curiosity of a small child about the world around her, saw her collecting leaves, berries and fruit.

From a young age her grandmother taught her about the plants in the garden, how to dry them and blend them into oils for later use. Moving to Australia and her life as a mother to three children, saw her loose interest in natural herbs, remedies and skin care elements for many years; thanks to her children, her interest slowly revived.

Her desire to teach her children what she had been taught by her grandmother, saw long forgotten skills re-emerging as well as her natural curiosity, which led her to further discover what can be done when you make the decision to use natural products only.

As the emphasis is in general throughout From Earth about learning how to make your own products, the items needed as a basic ‘kit’ to commence making your own skin care products are also listed.

Natural remedies follow which is an important element of skin care products, therefore an important chapter to read carefully and understand the power of what seems like simple fragrances, dried herbs or plants and the properties of various carrier oils.

To get you started there is a quick guide to simple mixtures to deal with migraine, period pain and depression among many other conditions. As the chapters unfold each page is complimented with clear photographs of the various herbs which can be collected and dried.  Recipe’s for most common requirements for skin care or various daily requirements n any household are set out in the chapters.

Beautifully created, as well as being easy to follow and use, From Earth is a book which, should you be considering investigating a chemical free lifestyle, be used as a secure reference book towards a healthier, eco-friendlier, chemical free lifestyle.