Guilt Free Bottle Feeding

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 16, 2014


Author  Madeleine Morris with Dr Sasha Howard

ISBN:                 9781925048254
Publisher:         Finch Publishing
Release Date:    


To breast feed or to bottle feed that is the issue and never has an issue been so debated for so long with a variety of results, all ending usually in tears by one party or the other.

As the years have gone by it has become almost imperative that to be able to breast feed your baby is the absolute ultimate in becoming a mother. If you can’t you are immediately cast into the invidious position of being a poor mother.

Well, guess what, this debate has been going on not just for years, but for generations and guess what, babies have thrived, going on to grow up and become mothers and grandmothers, leaders of the Country, commerce, professors and so much more whether they were breast fed or not.

With this very, very down to earth view of  motherhood in general, especially motherhood in today’s world, looking at a number of the issues, not just breast verses bottle but also the emotional development of both mother and child the information shared will help towards your baby growing into a healthy happy child. You will definitely feel more comfortable with your choices: in fact you should be reassured that whatever your choice has been, it has been the right one for the right reasons and effectively that is all that matters.

Not just the topic of best ways to feed baby are discussed, but a good deal of common sense is talked about mothering in general with a lot being presented on bonding with your baby whatever method of feeding you have chosen. The basic essentials of bonding are holding, rocking, making eye contact, singing, physical proximity and touch. In other words, relating to your child, this can be achieved at any time and at all times by simply focusing on your baby.

There are many mothers who simply do not enjoy breast feeding; they cannot because of illness or others issues and should not be placed in a position where they become emotionally distressed because of the choices they have made. We are not all made the same, so it therefor follows we will not do everything the same as a mother.

 The most important factor in all of this is not what society as a whole would like to have you do, but being happy with yourself and your baby, thus being able to enjoy these precious moments in their young life, as you will only get them to enjoy once.

The ‘new momism’ of parenthood has a lot to answer for in the ideologies that have been preconceived from somewhere or other and now seem to have become mandatory, which when you set out to debunk this almost obsession,  you begin to realise that it  has a lot to answer for in causing distress and a feeling of failure in many new parents, fathers included in this statement.

Basically that is what this book is all about, being happy with your choices; making the right decisions for you and your child and being comfortable with them so both you and your baby benefit.

 It should be mandatory reading for expectant and new mothers as the detail about bottle feeding is great, answering so many of the ’questions’ that may arise, along with so much research and information to give you a balanced view on not just “guilt free bottle feeding’ but parenting in general.