Harmony is Success 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 17, 2017


Author  Ken McLean

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-0-9944960-7-2
Publisher:         Short Stop Press
Release Date:   November 2016  

Website:    http:/www.denisjones.com 

Presented in the manner of a workshop Ken McLean shares his many years of searching for peace and harmony in a manner which can easily be used to take a step back and re-assess the pathway you are travelling.

Based on the principles of The Four relationships, those of Harmony with Self, Relationship’s, Nature and the Universe, underpinned with the practice of Aikido and Ki Shiatsu, he takes us on a voyage of discovery to be able to capture the illusive state of Harmony on a regular basis.

Each of the chapters comprises of a mini lecture, illustrated with graphics and photographs to better illustrate the point, with various stories or experiences related to add a personal touch to the journey.

Regardless of whether you choose to undertake the journey in a physical manner, there is much to learn and understand which will definitely help make changes of the better within your lifestyle.

As we are all in search of similar things such as peace, harmony, joy, success, love, companionship and health, McLean stats that ‘all of these are the result of and can be achieved by Harmony of Relationships, which then flows on to the following Harmony’s in an effortless manner.

Learning to be able to create what he terms as ‘the flow’, which is a state that comes when you reach that place, that space, where you are in total harmony with your surroundings, and whatever you are doing at the time, whether it be surfing the crest of a wave, delivering a speech, making a presentation or cutting a deal, you are there in the moment; in perfect harmony.

The concept of Perfect Harmony is a complex one to achieve and can take much time and effort to perfect, but once achieved will bring with it a state of mind and body at peace with the world, will also improve your health and wellbeing, and allow a better understanding of the basic principles which need to be considered, understood and practiced to create a state of Universal Harmony.

Should you be considering setting out in a new direction for 2017, Harmony is Success should be considered as a starting point to the rest of your life.