Healthy Body 

Reviewed By  Alison Poole       July 11, 2015


Author  Sally Matterson

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-925017-52-6
Publisher:         Rockpool Publishers
Release Date:    


In ‘Healthy Body’ you are presented with a very sensible way of getting your body into shape, into the best condition it has perhaps been in for some time, without putting yourself at risk of doing some real  harm with the latest fads in exercise and diet.

Sally Matterson is one of Australia’s foremost personal trainers and has spent some considerable time researching and refining the best way to set out achieving your health and fitness goals sensibly and while doing this, understand what you are doing and why.

Having led a fast paced life in the fashion industry where looking good was paramount and living on fast foods, soft drinks and cigarettes was inevitable, she eventually realised she felt unwell, unhappy and was definitely unhealthy, She needed to make drastic changes.

After trying our several methods of training and eating she finally realised getting fit and healthy has to be a lifestyle choice and to succeed you have to train and eat smarter, particularly as a woman, otherwise all you do is throw your hormones completely ‘out of whack’ and get nowhere fast.

As you read further into her book you realise she really does know what she is talking about, as each chapter focuses on education, encouragement and understanding: that absolutely nothing is unachievable and that you, yes you, can do it.

The exercises are those that can easily be carried out just about anywhere, you do not have to join a gym; just use whatever space is available in your lounge room or the great outdoors. The foods used in the tasty, tempting recipes are easily and readily available.

What’s more you do not have to be anything other than an average cook to enjoy a healthy, tasty range of dishes as Sally appreciates the KISS principal of Keep It Simple Sweetheart, because that is the easiest way to stay on track.

By keeping things simple it is easier to build a new food and fitness regime into your everyday lifestyle and more importantly stick to it.

There is a helpful sample meal plan for both males and females to help you get started and for those who do enjoy a glass of wine now and again, you can still enjoy a small glass occasionally; but remember it is all about balance or simply everything in moderation occasionally.

This is not just about getting fit and losing weight, it is about investing in a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy life which will help you look great, feel fantastic and have energy to spare.