Heroines of Olympus

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       February 21, 2021


Author  Ellie Mackin Roberts

Distributor:      Welbeck
ISBN:                 9781787394926
Publisher:         Welbeck
Release Date:   December 2020  

Website:    https://www.murdochbooks.com.au 

The Women of Greek Mythology

In the world of the ancient Greeks designed for men, women were expected to “Blend into the fabric of the city,” (according to Pericles); the Goddesses and Nymphs were the exception. Their behaviours were far more extreme and accepted, as was their power and their irrational actions. If we look at the purpose of Mythology as both a moral compass and entertainment, we understand why these behaviours were so accepted by women of the time.

The contents page of Heroines of Olympus shows us there are fifty Goddesses and Nymphs whose stories are briefly told here. Ariadne has a page of introduction, together with her image. Following that is two pages of her story, which tells how her fortune changed from being discarded by Theseus, to being happily married to Dionysus. Each goddess is described, and her story outlined in the same way.

The Heroines of Olympus is a wonderful book for Ancient History enthusiasts. The reader can pick and choose a favourite or start from the beginning. Much enjoyment comes from tying in relationships of the deities, and their feelings for each other.

Satisfaction for suitable punishments of bad behaviours by men causes as much pleasure today, as it would for the women of ancient times. The power that was at the fingertips of many of these deities would be dreamed of by many young women. Ellie Macklin Roberts has created such an interesting read which takes a slightly different look at the life and times of Ancient Greece.