How to Have an Epic Retirement 

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       September 11, 2023


Author  Bec Wilson

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780733649967
Publisher:         Hatchette
Release Date:   July 2023  


Whether your retirement is well into the future or you are thinking of retiring or you have already started making plans to retire, Bec Wilson’s, ‘How to Have an Epic Retirement’ is a must read for you.

Despite the numerous books on the market, the founder of the hugely successful online platform ‘Start at 60’, has created a readable informative book, which provides the reader with a holistic approach to retiring and retirement. It encourages the retirees to not only have a financially secure after work life but also to make the most of their new-found freedom; to have a purposeful, satisfy and meaningful life.  

In this indispensable manual the author has identified time, money, health, happiness and fulfillment, travel and your home as the six really important pillars of an ‘epic’ retirement. By fully exploring each of the pillars Bec Wilson guides the readers through the pleasures and pitfalls, the adjustments and challenges, which will set them up for the exciting 30+ years of a possible happy, healthy and prosperous retirement. 

Readers will find the ‘Epic Retirement action plan’ extremely useful as it provides a list of things which can be done to prepare for this exciting new phase.  For those who are already retired, it’s an excellent reminder to ‘get their house in order’. 

As it’s never too soon to start planning for the time when regular employment ceases, this comprehensive guide is a perfect gift for loved ones.  It is a no-nonsense guide for them to start taking control of their future.