How to Raise Kids with Integrity A Guide for Parents, Childcare Educators & Teachers 

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       November 22, 2018


Author  Trish Corbett

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925288759
Publisher:         Global Publishing Group
Release Date:   May 2018  


Parents, childcare educators and teachers endeavor to raise children who will become a future generation which is empowered and compassionate; consisting of open-minded positive thinkers. A generation to quote Ms Corbett which will ‘know how to effectively handle the challenges which will come their way’. Her book ‘How to Raise Kids with Integrity’ explains in detail the elements of the 9-PAC Integrity Approach Model, which she believes will result in this generation.

The 9-PAC Integrity Approach Model consists of nine elements (children, character, Communication, Choices, Consequences, Control, Culture, Conscious and Community) which the author has divided into three groups, each of which consist of three of the nine elements, which constitute this approach. By devoting an easy to read chapter to each of the nine components the reader can select the aspect which is of greatest interest. Each chapter commences with a definition and an engaging story/poem (and often an appropriate quotation by a visionary), which illustrates that element of the 9-PAC Integrity Approach Model before explaining in detail its importance. To aid the reader chapters are briefly summarized before commencing the next chapter.

Each chapter is full of useful ideas and techniques, many of which are not new but have become lost in the hubbub of 21st century living, which shape the children to become better citizens.  These ideas and techniques can easily be implemented by both new and experienced parents, childcare educators and teachers. The list of reflective questions at the end of the book serve as a reminder to the reader of his/her own approach, to not only children but to people in general.

If you are looking for an easy to read empowering book which will provide a model for improving yourself as a parent or teacher this is the book for you.  It will challenge your ideas and encourage you to be a better role model for future generations.