I Felt a Bit Funny 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       February 13, 2015


Author  Carol Rowan

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781742575773
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:    

Website:    http://www.newhollandpublishers.com 

Wool felting is not quite as old as time but certainly has a history of both fun and practical application. In ‘I Felt a Bit Funny’, this is fun, skill and enjoyment rolled into one or more little characters.

For those of you who enjoy crafting wonderful things and for the novice felter, this will make a great addition to your collection of wonderful things to do with wool, which has a very quirky application. Actually, the characters you are able to create are endless and will only be limited by your imagination

Carol Rowan, noted craftswoman , has given step by step instruction on how to create an entire family, if not village, of these lovable characters made from felt, a few pipe cleaners and a lot of imagination.

Commencing with the correct materials to use, none of which are overly expensive, she gives clear instructions on how to and where to begin the process. The type of wool best used and the few additional items required such as needles and the correct sizes, needle holders, brushes and pipe cleaners or chenille stems are also well explained.

Once you have collected the required items there is a chapter on Techniques to get you started on your first pieces of needle felt.

Making a Felt Character is very well explained with the use of clear colour photos and instructions detailing how to form the hands and feet, bottoms, bosoms and as well, adding the facial characteristics, even down to adding a moustache or beard. Clothing is relatively simply and has few instructions as this is largely up to you how you choose to clothe the characters.

There are specific instructions for all types of character from the football player to a ballet dancer complete with tute, a motor cycle cop, a swim suit siren (one of the first characters to make), a Sailor, golfer and so many more.

Enjoy your journey into the world of crazy creatures as you create your own very special quirky family of unique individuals.