It Takes Courage

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 8, 2015


Author  Torah Bright

ISBN:                 9781742576015
Publisher:         New Holland Publishers
Release Date:    


It is always interesting to discover what forces and actions come together from childhood to develop a world class athlete. In Torah’s case her childhood was ideal. Family life was centred on outdoor activities, co-operation, and a healthy loving, life style. She was one of five children who all encouraged each other.

Their parents wanted a large family, and Torah’s mother was keen to use healthy foods and alternative therapies to raise strong, able children. Growing up on a farm was an ideal preparation for physical development, however finances dictated that the family sell the farm and move to a smaller place in Cooma 

By this time all the Bright children excelled in both winter and summer sports. There are photos in this book showing cross country medals and swimming medals that had been won. It was Torah’s older brother Ben, who was the first to discover snowboarding, and a new world emerged for Torah. She loved the thrill of shredding and snowboarding, and became a serious contender in local competitions.

Because the snow industry in Australia is limited, travel became a part of the family life. Torah was often transported to parts of NSW or Victoria to compete. As athletes develop and become noticed, they attract sponsors. Once this happens it frees the athlete to travel and train overseas. At the age of sixteen Torah began her overseas serious competitions. Her sponsor required her to do photo shoots and to advertise products when she competed. However, Torah still feels her greatest sponsor is her family.

Torah had to complete her HSC studies and wanted to secure a place later on for university. She did this with the help of her mother who often travelled with Torah and oversaw her study.

Gradually Torah began to master the more complicated turns and skills, and was selected for the Winter Olympics team. Before the competitions began she was concussed when falling awkwardly and was hospitalized. She needed all her courage and determination to get back up, and was rewarded with a silver medal at the 2014 Winter  Games in Sochi, in the half pipe.

There were many setbacks along the way. Her dearest friend died after an accident on the snow slopes, and a marriage that was quickly entered into became unworkable and resulted in a divorce. However her philosophy of always living a life of courage, and giving everything your very best effort, resulted in success both professionally and personally.

Torah is quite determined to reach her potential in whatever she does, and has always chosen to follow her dreams.