Love, Sex, and No Regrets for Today’s Teens 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       June 7, 2017


Author  Elizabeth Clark forward Steve Biddulph

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781925048889
Publisher:         Finch Publications
Release Date:   March 2017  


The foreword in this book has been written by Steve Biddulph, one of the most highly regarded experts on the raising of children. He is enthusiastic in his praise of the contents and says, “The problem we have in the world today is not that there is too much sex in our faces everywhere but that it’s not really sex at all, it’s just – I don’t know – lost people getting more lost . Sad and empty people humping and pumping….” What Elizabeth Clark has done here is to clinically set out how to show girls (and boys) how to enjoy the whole experience of meeting the opposite sex, getting to know them, then deciding what your boundaries will be, and when is the right time to step over them.

 The first consideration for girls is to become confident young ladies who have strong opinions about their bodies and their worth. They need to have thought about being a happy and healthy member of their family, and to learn to laugh. Prior to meeting someone, being confident and well adjusted, will help the person to make decisions more easily when it comes to relationships. Because teenage years are associated with lack of confidence and uncertainty, now is the perfect time to plan how your first sexual experience can be pre- planned so there is no lack of direction in the heat of the moment!

 The author considers this planning to be similar to a baseball game, so that before the person gets to first base, all the thinking and prioritizing has happened. The following chapters refer to   developing relationships teens will have, and how to manage them effectively and happily. To be able to express your feelings easily, and discuss with a partner what you want to do, is a great step.

 Most teenagers today have seen porn on their computers. “This is a problem because porn sexuality is nothing like good sexuality.” Porn promotes the ideas that anyone will do as a sex partner, and that sex will be instantaneous when you meet someone. There is no emotional connection, no eye contact and no loving words. So many young men have had this education as their only guide, as have young girls who then accept and expect nothing more, if they have not been taught the joy and expectations of a loving and mutual association.

 There is an amazingly powerful message in this book for all teens and one that needs reading and discussing with families and friends.