Making Your Home Sustainable – Revised Edition 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Derek Wrigley

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-921844-17-1
Publisher:         Scribe Publications Pty Ltd
Release Date:    


For those of you who are seriously looking to make your home considerably more efficient- both to save water and save on gas and electricity charges -this book is filled with hundreds of environmental, cost saving projects and ideas that you can utilise within your homes.

Over 20 years ago architect Derek Wrigley was concerned with the effects of modern day living on the environment. Try as he could he could see little in the way of innovative architecture directed toward sustainable living.

He decided to take up the challenge with his own home and has over the years turned it into a model for sustainability.

Using many cost effective ideas such as harvesting of rain water, utilisation of grey water, sustainable arbour culture and renewable planting in his gardens he created an environment which not only allows heating and cooling of his home with sustainable, cost effective methods, but gives him fresh fruit and vegetables, all organically grown.

With installation of skylights, utilisation of window protection to use the heat of the sun in winter months to warm the home and the shade of verandas and blinds in the summer months for cooling he sets out simple and easy ways you can apply many of these ideas and initiatives to your own homes.

He does point out thought that moving towards solar or sustainably is not always cost effect but much can be done on a limited budget with simple, everyday practices and a lot of initiative and a have-a –go attitude. Many projects in the book can be carried out by the home handyman, saving costs on labour, electricity and giving great satisfaction at the end of the project.

For those keen on sustainability, renewable energies and cost saving this will fast become your bible.

Although the layout is not terrific the ideas and practical applications within the pages make it worthwhile the time and effort to read.