Opening Heaven’s Door

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       July 29, 2014


Author  Opening Heaven?۪s Door

ISBN:                 978-1-47113-731-6
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster UK
Release Date:    


What Happens when we die is the million dollar question we all would like the answer too, if at all possible. After all it is a given that sooner or later we will find out, via a firsthand experience.

But in today’s world, where there has to be an answer for everything, or at least some sort of an explanation, Patricia Pearson has gone some way to supplying some of the answers in this look at what the dying are trying to tell us about what comes next.

When an very mysterious incident occurred to her with the death of her father and sister within an short space of time, she decided that there must be something more to this than just an spiritual episode. She set out to research just what does come next and what those gone before are doing when they come to those dying or closest to the dying.

In a delicate and carefully constructed manner she explores her and her families reaction to the deaths and the way they have coped with the loss of two family members so closely together; the additional level of caring and comfort that has come into their lives so unexpectedly and from such an unexpected source.

 She has also researched others stories from people such as nurses, hospice workers and many others who have cared for the dying, all of whom have experienced unexplained beautiful moments that occur at the time of, or almost time of passing.

There are touching moments from the dying in the pages which will engage you and offer some answers to the questions asked about ‘what happens next’, but also underlines the point that each experience is unique to the individual and their family, guided by or being reached out to by their own family who have already left us.

Delicate and beautifully written, Opening Heaven’s Door will leave a lasting impression of where you are now and where you are heading.