Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 6, 2018


Author  User Design

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-0-9570712-2-3
Publisher:         User Design.
Release Date:   2011 (2nd edition)  

Website:    https://www.userdesignillustrationandtypesetting.com/books 

Let us face it, punctuation is pain. Somehow you never ever seem to get those squiggles, blots, and other ink spots and lines to behave and end up in the right places. But help is a hand with this quirky and somewhat tongue-in-cheek look at this bane on every writer, editors, sub editors and a student’s life, Punctuation.

Following the alphabet, as why would you not, when dealing with the finer points of the English language, the first  little ink blot to be presented is the Apostrophe which is most commonly used to indicate possession by a person or thing by someone else. Simple you may think, that is until you get to differentiating singular and plural nouns……. Yes, well!

Following on is short order under C is Colon: No, not the human colon but two little dots standing one on top of the other, that is until you get to the semi-colon which is a dot and an comma standing on top of one another, each with their own purpose on the page to list or to balance a statement.

Exclamation marks are a favourite for stressing a point, making a loud statement, or presenting a warning, indicating regret, hope or joy with so many wonderfully, inappropriate uses in a sentence, but when used correctly adds a slight fillip of drama to a sentence!!

The Question mark thought it had the last word, as it is used to pose direct or tag questions, considered very important in some aspect s of life, let  alone grammar, that was before Quotation marks added their bit and then that dratted semi-colon had to take the last few pages, didn’t it?

Regardless of how Punctuation is dressed or undressed, it is a most important aspect of written and spoken English, set to confront and confound but in this natty little book, which is accompanied by some delightfully zany characters helping out with meaning and understanding, Punctuation begins to be completely sane and definitely rational.

Without it a sentence would look very odd as it would have no real shape or form no meaning and be very difficult to understand making language even more confusing than it is already by using an Ellipsis to round out this sentence………..  See what I mean!

Punctuation (the book) should be considered as a must purchase for anyone who writes, is a student or is learning the English language as a second or third language, as it  has been very well  constructed presenting the various aspects of punctuation in a clear and easily understood manner. Grab a copy and begin to get your punctuation correct!…, “UMMM”.