Pure Spirit

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 14, 2023


Author  Wendy Sheffield

Distributor:      Spirit Writer Books
ISBN:                 978-1912009398
Publisher:         Compass-Publishing UK
Release Date:   December 2022  

Website:    https://spiritwriterspeaks.com/shop/ols/products/pure-spirit-spiritwriterspeaks 

Following on from her first book Spirit Writer comes Pure Spirit, in which Wendy Sheffield goes into far more detail as she sets down the purpose behind being a Spirit Writer, recounts a little of her personal journey and reaches out with love, to offer the words of the various Guides or Spirit to all who are in need of guidance through their words.

The Preface sets out a little of Wendy’s journey but also contains a considerable amount of information about the ‘Spirit’ within us all; we are born with it but over the years of our lives we lose the ability, or rather hide the ability, to be able to listen to that still quiet voice and understand what we are being told.

Each of the chapters is set out with a small introduction which leads to the words of Spirit in relation to the subject matter. The first two chapters are dedicated to her Father and then her Mother after their passing. These are beautifully worded and for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one, the graceful words in chapter 4; Spirit wants to speak to you, are perfect, offering love and comfort in a very gentle manner.

The Personal Responsibility of Words is a chapter which resonates and is one that should be read carefully, as it sets down the personal responsibility we all have for our words; spoken or written. Spirit says that it is up to all of us to teach our children wisely and well, as words are powerful, they can make or break people, portray love or hate, happiness or cruelty and so much more. Spirit offers and leaves behind much ‘food for thought’.

A quirky chapter is Time, especially in today’s world where we never seem to have enough of it, as it ‘aims to help people appreciate and value time’ (sic). Very salutary! Whereas one of the gentlest of pieces is Through the eyes of a wolf which captures perfectly so much we have forgotten or overlooked.

As each of the chapters unfurl, the words flow as if a balm is being poured over the soul, full of comfort and explanation, that this gift of listening to Spirit can be once again heard and understood though various events in our everyday world.

Pure Spirit is divinely driven, and once read through, it is the perfect book to keep with you to use whenever life gets difficult, a simple but clear understanding of emotions is required, or perhaps a distinct feeling that a ‘message’ is there, but needs translation.

Pure Spirit makes the perfect companion to Spiritwriter