Raising the Perfectly Imperfect Child – Facing the challenges with strength, courage and hope 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       May 18, 2016


Author  Boris Vujicic

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760293338
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:   May 2016  

Website:    http://www.allenandunwin.com 

Looking at the photo on the front cover of this book is enough to break your heart. For there is the face of a blond haired boy who could have been my son or yours, but this boy has no arms and no legs. He is lying on a skate board and looks happy and at ease. This is the story of Nick’s life so far, as written by his father. It is full of faith and belief, and trust in God, although for a while, Boris and Dushka, his parents, felt they had been punished by God.

 The foreword in this book has been written by Nick. He tells the story that at age nineteen he told his parents he was going to South Africa on a speaking tour, and going to donate the money to the poor. They argued and tried to dissuade him from going, but Nick was determined, and succeeded in his quest. It would be difficult to raise a normal headstrong boy, but Nick was so much more than his body suggested.

 The first few chapters deal with the birth of Nick. He was a first child, greatly loved and wanted. For parents of children born with a disability, the honesty of the parents in the first weeks of Nick’s life would be helpful. Even though their faith was tremendous, they entertained the thought of placing Nick in a home for the rest of his life. The overwhelming issues of how to deal with a child with no limbs were too many to contemplate. However, once the decision was made to keep their son, each problem was dealt with in a practical manner. Comments were made about his mother not helping him to deal with things, but she understood that he needed to work out his own methods of movement and control.

 There is much advice given in this book. For example, a disadvantaged child may become a bit demanding and bossy, so other siblings need to be given priority time. This will help to maintain a good relationship between the children as they are growing up. Discipline needs to be fair and just with all the children and not adjusted for the disabled child. Following most chapters is a set of bullet point ideas stemming from that chapter; the chapter on “Give Yourself Permission to Grieve and Time to Recover” has nine points to consider, such as “Understand that those close to you are mourning too”.

 The positive note in this story is the deep love and commitment that has Nick found, together with his wife Kanae. The joy that Nick and his mother and father felt when Kanae gave birth to their first child, a beautiful healthy boy was amazing.

 Nick has made a name for himself as a speaker and great advocate of God’s love around the world. This is certainly an honest, uplifting story, to be brought to the attention of caring people everywhere.