Rebalance: How Women Lead, Parent, Partner and Thrive (Resetting Our Future) 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       August 18, 2022


Author  Monica Brand Engel: Lisa Neuberger Fernandez: Wendy Jagerson Teleki.

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-80341-042-5
Publisher:         Changemakers Books (May 27, 2022)
Release Date:   May 2022  


During the COVID pandemic many people were forced into making some serious changes in their lives. Women were almost immediately thrust into a world vastly different to their daily lives, taken out of boardrooms, offices, careers and their own business to become home school parents and much more.

Both men and women found themselves floundering in a sea of unknown quantities and for many, they discovered they simply had to take stock of not just their lives, but their career pathway. Many were for the first time, spending longer with their children and spouse than perhaps ever before and realised that one of the most important aspects of their lives was family.

How to change, to be able to manage the massive variations that that entered their and many others lives, was something Monika Brand Engel, Lisa Neuberger Fernandez and Wendy Jagerson Teleki all women of high standing in the Corporate world, all three mothers and wives, needed to take on board and look at a positive way forward, not just for them but for the many others who were, in their words, ‘forced to take stock’.

They began writing Rebalance at the beginning of the pandemic, eventually concluding the book as there was some hopeful evidence that life was returning to what is now called the ‘new normal’.

Their findings have created a new respect for the role of the working mother, the very real need in people’s lives of establishing boundaries, listening, setting up networks to both support and encourage, and having a voice to be able to challenge long held assumptions about the woman’s role in the modern world.

Empowering, encouraging and full of wonderful tips on what to do and not to do, Rebalance: How Women Lead, Parent, Partner and Thrive is a long overdue book for not just women in business, but women who work in any form of enterprise world-wide.