Rediscover Your Athlete Within 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       September 3, 2023


Author  Brett Lille

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1922764836
Publisher:         PUBLISH CENTRAL
Release Date:   June 2023  


A practical 10 step process to get you moving and keep you moving, for the rest of your life

Over many years of working intimately with a broad and diverse range of people Brett Lillie has, through study and observation, learned much, discovered much and faced some serious personal issues.

The issues were health related, a diagnosis of bowel cancer shattering. Facing the reality that something had to change in his life, he drew on not just his vast knowledge of the scientific aspects of living life to the fullest, but began to look at a new way forward into a holistic, active lifestyle, by rediscovering the Inner Athlete; the things that gave him joy, relaxation and happiness when he was younger, fitter, healthier.

His findings are shared in Rediscover Your Athlete Within a very comprehensive, easy to read guide to discovering that which has been lost, your Inner Athlete; your pathway to your healthy, happy and energetic PM years ahead.

Lillie says that as a chiropractor you get to know your clients well, if you are to successfully treat the issues that have bought them to your door. In doing so he realised that while he was treating them he was also on a massive learning curve. The effects of a sedentary lifestyle on his clients were not helping, along with stress and failure to make time to be able to rest the body, mind and soul, all of which he, at the age of 44 years, found out on a very personal level.

To encourage people to get moving again, to be invigorated and re-vitalised he came up with a 10 step program to encourage you to effectively get moving, to get a fresh new perspective on life and to remain active as the years move inevitable along.

Designed to be read step by step, you can also dive right into whatever section calls to you, but it is far more productive to begin at the beginning by making plans to succeed. As each step in the program is accomplished, the feeling of overall well-being increases, goals, both set out in the program and personal goals, are achieved, well deserved congratulations are in order.

Gentle encouragement in a very practical manner is offered at each step, recognition that change is never easy is acknowledged many times, realistic goals are encouraged and if need be Lillie encourages the use of rituals and routines to hold the faith with yourself.

Rediscover Your Athlete Within is a course or if you like, a program that will encourage change as well as offer support and understanding on how rediscover your athlete within, to be able to go forward with a spring in your step as a well as a fresh perspective on life. Been there, done that and guess what, it really does work.