Reflexology (In Focus) Your Personal Guide 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 27, 2020


Author  Tina Chantrey

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781577152002
Publisher:         Quarto US Imprint: Wellfleet
Release Date:   August 2020  


Once again the healing modalities of so many natural therapies go back to Egypt and China as early as 2330BCE which is the case with  a form of Reflexology used then and what now forms the basis of modern day Reflexology used for holistic, non-invasive healing of the bloody, mind and spirit.

Tina Chantrey has created Reflexology – your personal guide a simple, easy to understand guide which can be used by the simply curious, who would like to know more and understand better this healing modality, but equally is suitable for those who would like to study further.

Set out clearly, all aspects of Reflexology are presented with graphs, charts and specific diagrams with which to better understand the flow of energy used to sooth and heal. A wall chart is to be found at the rear of the book. For the casual practitioner of Reflexology, it is perhaps best to begin with the hands, yours or someone else’s, as the various zones are relatively easy to find and use.

So many of life’s stress, such as dis-stress, anxiety and bullying in older children and teens can be aided with the skilful use of Reflexology; Chantrey has devoted a chapter to working with such issues and the particular zones to use to help aid healing. Children’s ailments, as well as sleeplessness in babies are also addressed to aid the babe as well as help the parent relax and spend precious time with their little ones.

Specialist sections for both Women and Men have been documented as well as help for the person who needs to lose weight comfortably and the athlete to help them reach optimal physical and emotional well-being.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art that is a easily and readily available to everyone who in is search of relaxation, healing, coping with modern day stress or simply wanting to feel at their peak, but should always be considered as a complimentary form of medicine which can work in conjunction with traditional medicine and medical practitioners.

Whatever the reason for wanting to learn more about Reflexology and the healing aspects of this ancient art form, only positive gains will be made by undertaking some of the techniques discussed in Reflexology – your personal guide. The absolutely worst thing that can happen is a great sense of peace and relaxation will occur, which in itself is a healing.