River Cottage Easy 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       August 9, 2017



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Freewheeling Fusions: what a delicious way to refer to food. It simply makes you want to explore the options a little further in this companion book to River Cottage Light and Easy, River Cottage Easy.

Originally released in 2012 titled Hugh’s Three Good Things, this purveyor of all things good and fresh in the garden, has constructed simple and yet delicious dishes created from three ingredients, with a few herbs and flavourings added.

Not possible you may think, but it is, with a few little in built words of warning. The basic philosophy behind the Easy style of cooking is to be able to put together a tasty meal quickly, with the minimum of cost and fuss involved. It is also as he says, a jumping off point to learning to be very creative within your own fridge and pantry shelves, which can be especially helpful at the end of the week, or just before a shop is required.

The formula is simple in that it uses three basic ingredients that complement each other, which as Hugh states really encompasses most of the basic and sometimes not so basic dishes we all enjoy; dishes such as scones, jam and cream, fish and chips with fresh lemon, or a simple fruity pud made from apples with custard or cream. Absolutely Delicious.

As with this series of books the sections are introduced with a little of Hugh’s philosophy regarding salads, starters and soups, the traditionally stated meat and two veg or simply vegetable feasts – for those who really do prefer vegies only, or when all there is in the fridge are a few vegetables in need of inspiration.

Once again Simon Wheeler has added his talents behind the lens to present each of the recipes described beautifully; so beautifully that heading into the kitchen to have a go makes a lot of sense.

Comfort food, for those long slow days of winter, rates well with such easy to go taste treats as the totally simple and yet wonderfully tasty, Spaghetti, garlic and olive oil. Try it and see how simple ingredients can pack a tasty punch!

Sweet treats and lovely fruity pud’s have not been left out, which will encourage you to add that little bit extra to the lunch or dinner table or if there is anything left over, the lunchbox.

A lovely addition too many of the recipes is Plus One, at the bottom of the page. which presents options to the main ingredients, making one simple recipe change into two or more flavours, depending on what you have in your cupboard.

The basic ingredient for success, regardless of the amount of ingredients being used, is a well-stocked store cupboard of essentials which will make your cooking far more pleasurable. To this end Hugh has helpfully listed what he considers as the basic requirements, none to extravagant or complicated, to make life easier and the foods you are about to create far more tasty.

For those on a budget wanting to create some lovely tasty meals, these simple and yet elegant recipes will become household favourites in no time at all.

Enjoy the journey and as Hugh says, ‘great food is not rocket science: just take it easy!’  by just keeping it simple.