Simply Styling: Fresh & Easy Ways to Personalize Your Home

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       May 8, 2017


Author  Kirsten Grove, by (photographer) Paige French

Distributor:      New South Books
ISBN:                 9781454918226
Publisher:         Sterling
Release Date:   December 2016  


The author has had many years’ experience in home decorating. In fact, she began organizing her own room when she was nine. The production of this book has been a compilation of her many ideas since then, and her many experiences in other people’s homes. Kirsten’s website’, “Simply Grove”, gives a lot more detail of her philosophy and her preferences, but this book looks at ways to smarten up your home without a great deal of money spent. It is more the style than the immediate décor that the author examines.

 The book is set out in chapters for various areas. There is the Living room, Dining room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Entryway and Kid’s room. The chapter on the Living Room has been divided again into several sections. We look at coffee tables, sofas, walls, rugs, etc. Each of these inclusions into a room is looked at for purpose and design. The coffee table may have a throw put over it to change the outlook, or you may have a small collection of jars or books stored there. The shape and style of the table is discussed in relation to the TV set and the rest of the room. Each aspect of the living room is given this minute treatment and interesting ideas for change.

 Much of the information given by Kirsten is very practical and would help people just moving into a home, or people who are settled but need to change things around. There are many full page illustrations, each showing different styles and ways of decorating. Many of the author’s tips are helpful when purchasing goods. When choosing a sofa, the upholstery needs to suit your home and your purpose. Here the emphasis is on functionality.

 Gallery walls are quite complex to arrange, so we have steps to follow to complement your style. Family photos can be in a variety of frames, while black and white prints can give a classic look, especially when in a white or black frame. Shelves and rugs are also mentioned, and the types of rug to buy are mentioned for a specific area. Wool is good for high traffic areas, while cotton is strong, but gathers dirt. Many types of fabric are discussed and their suitability shown.

 This is a wonderful book for your coffee table. The index gives you immediate access to information on “The Bathroom” and what you can have in there, as with all other rooms. Also at the back is a Glossary of places you can access, via websites, to look at their products. If you would like to look at wallpaper for example, there is a website which shows many designs and patterns.

  A lovely book to browse and enjoy.