Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 21, 2017


Author  Brooke McAlary

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781760296919
Publisher:         Allen and Unwin
Release Date:   September 2017  


As you turn the pages of this book those Ah Ha moments so very easy to be related to become more and more prevalent, as so many of us, be it young or old have walked along, down or beside this madness of modern day life and the clutter, emotionally and physically, which somehow becomes an essential component of life.

That is until what is often a cataclysmic event occurs, that makes you take stock of what is really important. Is it ‘keeping up with the Joneses, or laughing with your baby? Being happy and content or being driven, demanding and unemotional?

Brooke McAlary was all of these same, driven by demands she felt were essential to her life, her family needing to fit into the small timeslot between work, her mobile phone demands and just about every other ‘essential demand’ required by being the ‘modern woman’, the super mum, capable of almost leaping tall buildings if you just gave her a minute to work out how.

She, like many before her suffered severely from post-natal depression, to the point where she was rendered incapable of simply managing even the smallest of daily requirements, let alone worry about holidays, renovations, new cars and the other detritus of living.

Facing cold hard facts she realised, with the support of her husband and medical team she needed to take stock of her life, of what was important, what would make her happy and content. 

This is her story about decluttering, not just her emotional life, but her life in general, her home and her attitude, to discover the freedom and happiness undertaking this herculean change has resulted in, not just for her but also her family.

She takes time to explain the purpose behind decluttering, the huge challenge it is to begin with and the slow, but steady forward progress which along the way, has rewards and pleasures newly discovered or re-discovered.

In this, her very personal story, she offers encouragement to anyone who needs to make some serious changes in their life, or declutter their very existence, with practical tips, tried and verified, to move forward into a life of space, and happiness; to be being able to enjoy all the important things – which may simply be things, that are not things at all.

Should you be seeking a little encouragement from someone who has truly ‘been there and done that’ and escaped the Joneses’, you will find this becomes more than a book on ‘how to’, it will become a handbook on the slow journey towards freedom from things, things that really are not that important at all, which then allows you to enjoy all millions of the things that really are important!