Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 11, 2014


Author  Walter De la Mare

ISBN:                 978-0-571-31219-1
Publisher:         Faber
Release Date:    


This is a glorious book on several levels, not just for children as it would be easy to assume, but for the entire family.

Walter de la Mare wrote these words long, long, ago, about a winter’s day, when the snow falls ever so gently; whirling and falling, icy in its look and form, mysterious in its quiet gentleness.

As you read each simple four line stanza savour every word. The essence of winter in all its glory is there. Let the words resonate with you as you read separately from the pictures and you will find you are in that place.

You can feel the softness of the snow, see the last ray of the weak winter sunshine at the end of the day, feel the stillness, the cold on your face, marvel at the crispness of a fresh new world.

The other aspect: With her beautiful illustrations Carolina Robei tells a story in picture form of the night before Christmas when the children are putting the final touches to the tree, the family has gathered to enjoy the evening meal before going to bed. The snow is falling gently and softly outside the window.

The joy of Christmas morn; the fun of playing with the gifts in the softness that awaits just outside the door. The crisp clean that comes with fresh snow, the wintery light until the end of the day when it is time to come inside once again.

Enjoy this beautiful moment in time with your family as the Christmas season fast approaches.