The Art of Sleeping Alone 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       October 15, 2013


Author  Sophie Fontanel

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-4516-9627-1
Publisher:         Simon & Schuster
Release Date:    


There is just one word that sums up this memoir by Sophie Fontanel and that is LIBERATING – Just simply that – Liberating in the fullest and ripest sense of the word. It is a spicy, funny, reflective, sad and intelligent look at making choices that so many find difficult to accept in today’s so called liberated society.

At the age of 27 Sophie decided she was totally over sleeping about. It didn’t really matter what the reason for climbing into bed with yet another partner was, she was over it: in every respect. But what came next?

She discovered she was not happy at a deeply fundamental level, and that the society dictate of sexual fulfilment, whether it neither was nor not, was possibly at the bottom of the unhappiness. Ergo she decided to become celibate, never realising the journey of self-discovery she was about to undertake would bring her more peace and happiness and more challenges than she had ever considered.

Rapidly discovering she was the odd woman out at dinner parties, at gatherings and functions within groups of friends introduced her to a totally difference aspect of human relationships, some of which she would rather not have discovered but accepted as part of her journey of self-discovery.

Sophie found out that it was very liberating to be able to go where you wanted when you wanted, wear whatever you felt like to please yourself and no one else, not be beholden to the dictates and drive of sex or men or anyone other than herself and her commitments.

Along the way Sophie shares her journey with her reflections of the time spent in rediscovery, the many insights gained into learning to be yourself and the joys which that can bring.

Cameo’s on her holiday in Goa, an afternoon spent in the Cinema, a walk thought the streets of Paris, being the extra one at a summer sojourn with long time friends and so much more fill the pages of a look inside a small timeframe spent rediscovering who is Sophie Fontanel.

This is a book that warms the heart, brings hope to many who choose to set aside sexuality, that Yes, it really is OK to do this, and affirms that moving away from societies dictates does not mean the end of life as you know it , but the beginning of life as you want and would like it to be.

Over time Sophie eventually meets a man she chooses to want to know better and that is where we leave her, on her journey of being with someone she chooses to be with , from choice not from expectation.