The Cuckoo’s Egg

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Anna Morten

ISBN:                 978-1-61897-211-8
Publisher:         Strategic Book Publishing and Rights Co
Release Date:    


Anna Morten tells her life story, through the medium of Emma, from a brutally honest perspective. In doing so she offers hope and understanding to others caught in the same situation, that of trying to find a right pathway but never quite succeeding.

Born into a family struggling to survive in Germany at the end of the Second World War Emma became a child who learned about the seamy side of life at all too young an age. Seeing her mother brutalised by the occupying forces and then later falling victim to a paedophile she grew up with some very definite issues to try and overcome.

As the years and experiences came along Emma grew ever more disenchanted with life in general, eventually falling prey to serious health issues. Marrying several times Emma travelled the world in search of the illusive happiness that comes from family life but sadly never finding the right way to proceed.


She shares her experiences in intimate detail, from life in the richest of houses to the poorest of the poor conditions which are all woven into the rich tapestry of a life, lived not always well, but in the end successfully.

Emma, by sharing her experiences, lets us see that all challenges can be overcome eventually and in spite of yourself, you should never give up even when things look at their worst.

Somewhere along her life pathway she finally comes to meet her guardian Angel, Tareen by name; A sage who had been cared for by a woman names AnnaLees until he died as a very, very old man. Eventually Emma realises she was AnnLess in a former life. So began her journey into spiritualism and eventually a deep inner peace and knowing.

Reading through the various chapters of Emma’s life you develop a deep respect for her as she struggles to come to terms with her own life. She does not hold back and shares not just the good but the bad, desperate, manipulative and ugly sections of her life which takes true courage.


Interesting, informative and very definitely a book you will form strong opinions and emotions about as you read the story of Emma, survivor.