The Dawning

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Terry MacKinnell

ISBN:                 978-1-4568-8253-2
Publisher:         Xlibris
Release Date:    


For anyone who is interested in astrology, history, or simply curious about how the various ages throughout time have come by their astrological titles, such as the well-known and much lauded “Age of Aquarius”, The Dawning is a bit like a one stop shop: Packed full of detail and information on the astrological changes which have governed our beliefs and histories since man began recording time.

Challenging, head scratching and in so many ways confrontational, MacKinnell challenges all who read his work to rethink where they have come from and where they are going to.

In his words, the future can only be in the present moment as there is no such thing as the future as it does not exist. With such words and provocative though patterns you are launched into a journey of discovery to learn that each of the “Ages” has specific responsibilities and outcomes such as the Piscean age which has been responsible for the birth of most known forms of religion, as well as the birth of the corporate identity in modern times.


As Pisces is an ideological sign therefore it can often be likened to an “anaesthetic of the zodiac- numbing the patient to reality”. It is also responsible for all types of confinement, from prisons to wildlife sanctuaries. Makes you think, doesn’t it!

Confronting statistics related to each “Age”, encourage you to read further in order to discover just what lies within the various other “Ages” which have passed and had such a major influence on our society.

MacKinnell is very careful to explain that with the dawning of the various “Ages” there is, in truth, only a very short period of time within the framework which is purist: That the overflow at the beginning and end of each of the various time fames is longer and perhaps more specific than most other events which may have taken place during this epoch.

Written and researched over many years this is a work in detail and far more than just an excellent reference book. The Dawning is a radical and challenging look, not just at astrology, but also where the world has been historically, stands today and where it is perceived to be heading.