The Gift Within

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       January 31, 2014


Author  Margie Kugler

ISBN:                 978-1-45257-297-0
Publisher:         Balboa Press
Release Date:    


When Margie Kugler was diagnosed with an illness that was largely undiscovered, she had absolutely no idea of the journey she was about to undertake; how her life and the life of those about her was also going to change, as she and her family struggled to cope with the debilitation caused by her diagnosis of CREST Syndrome – an Autoimmune Disorder, of which very little was known at the time. It was all completely  unchartered territory. This is her story of overcoming huge odds through faith and sheer determination.

This disorder was to challenge every aspect of her life and the symptoms that had previously caused her concern and discomfort were only to increase to the point where every aspect of her daily life was challenged and challenging.

As the condition has progressed, so too has the knowledge of the Syndrome and the very limited methods of treatment.

Margie has been at the forefront of much of this discovery by trial and tryout and along the way has discovered something very special, that it is OK to be like this; it is OK to be whom she is and that by accepting her illness she is no longer a victim of the condition.

These massive steps have been documented in a series of daily notes or reflections in the form of poetry written as a sharing, a thanksgiving and as a way of often reminding herself that this is how things were meant to be, that she would survive and conquer. As a compiled work it is also an offering to those who are facing their own personal challenges in life.

The sections are specific such as chapter 1 titled Survival, dealing with the need to come to terms with what life is serving up and wanders through every emotional hurdle such as Courage and Faith, Dedications and so on until the last chapter, Surrender and Enlightenment, which wraps up the journey to date very succinctly.

Her words reach out with love and understanding. As you dip into the various levels of the book you feel her courage, understanding and acceptance washing over you, bringing with it some time and space for reflection and healing in your own life journey.