The Green Scorecard

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Patricia Pulliam Phillips & Jack J Phillips

ISBN:                 978 -1-85788-554-5
Publisher:         Nicholas Brealey Publishing
Release Date:    


This husband and wife team, both of the world renown ROI Institute, have taken the catch phrase of the centenary in “Clean, Green and Sustainable” and turned it into a book filled with well researched and comprehensive detail on how to make sustainability a reality in today’s world.

They carefully explain the theory behind the clean green spin of the media in great detail. They then go on to detailing the theory and philosophy of developing Clean Green as both a lifestyle and a business investment.


Pro’s and Cons are backed by in-depth research addressing the many issues faced by householders, businesses and industry when trying to sum up and budget for Going Green within their structure.

If you are serious in any way at all about sustainability, facts, figures and methodology this book will save you time, angst and frustration in working out whether it is for you, your business or your industry.