The Hunted

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       November 26, 2014


Author  Kristy Berridge

ISBN:                 9781921829529
Publisher:         Sid Harta
Release Date:    


 Murder, Mystery mayhem, plain out right horror and of course the love ingredient all make up a fast paced, captivating and completely entertaining novel from first time novelist Kristy Berridge as she cleverly unfolds the story of Elena Manory and  love interest William Granville who just happens to be 400 and somthing years old.

For the lovers of horror stories, that do definitely involve vampires and their very secretive world this is a must read.

Manory grows up with the knowledge that she is no ordinary teenage girl and is well aware that on her 18th birthday she will become a vampire. Just exactly what this entails is another matter entirely. She begins to wonder at the many things which are never spoken off and just what being a vampire in the modern world is really all about.

Fast paced, set in Australia of all places, the crafting of this romp through the almost hallowed portals of Vampire novel crafting is fresh, enjoyable, talented and most of all entertaining to the last chapter or should one say drop!

Look out for more in the future from Kristy Berridge- she is one author who will be around for some considerable time to come if this first novel is any indicator.

A great read, not only for teens but all lovers of Vampire Horror.