The Madness of Modern Parenting 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       May 4, 2015


Author  Zoe Williams

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1849547512
Publisher:         Biteback Publishing
Release Date:    


A debate, within a debate, within a debate just begins to scratch the surface of this excellent and often comical look at the many and varied issues that go to make up modern parenting, while challenging many of the ‘Must’s’ which have made becoming a parent and raising a child something of minefield, to say the very least.

The entire concept has become so very fraught with hazard it is a wonder anyone wants to take on the challenges of, in the first instance getting pregnant, managing the pregnancy safely, giving birth, let alone actually having to raise a happy, healthy, well-adjusted child.

Dictates of modern parenting are challenging and there is never a week goes by that there is not some learned person or organisation setting a new standard of what must and must not be sat upon, eaten, purchased, and so forth.

But somewhere common sense must be asserted, or should be, because we as a society are driven by the spin doctors of just about everything, and while as a new Mum, fresh to the entire experience, or ditto a first time Dad, can be forgiven for believing everything, in the sure knowledge that eventually, common sense must prevail.

Zoe Williams, herself a mother of two children, has taken a unique view on all the issues involved with parenting and whilst challenging many of the dictates, also asks the question, ‘who gave “Them” the right to become the keepers of the species’.

The ‘unique’ view, or opinion if you like, is offered, that before all these dictates  became mandates, somehow or other the human race managed to survive, and somehow or other, parents in countries who are not subjected to these mandates, still, somehow manage to bring up healthy, happy and functional children. Interesting, isn’t it!

 Of course there is always the exception to every rule and in every culture, but has that not always been so!

This then poses the question or debate if you prefer, “Should the joy of parenting be so very stressful, so fraught with impossible expectation and cost, or should it be an event that is joyous, celebrated, and fulfilling. That is for you to ponder, but along the way take a little time out to simply enjoy being a parent of a very, special human being, your baby”.