The Microbiome Diet 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       October 6, 2014


Author  Raphael Kellerman MD

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780738218205
Publisher:         DaCapo Press
Release Date:    


If you are very serious about losing weight and wanting to lose symptoms such as fatigue, depression and infections, then this book will show you exactly how to go about it. It is a thoroughly researched blueprint for regaining your health and losing weight forever.

The book is set out in a logical and readable format. Firstly the author explains microbiomes, which are microscopic organisms that live in your intestinal tract. The author found that treating patients with probiotics, prebiotics and special diets would nourish the microbiomes and induce good health in the gut.

Following on the author looks at healing your gut. The things that support this healing are: avoiding stress, stress free eating and creating the metabolism of a ‘thin person’.  The amazing thing is the weight that is lost stays off for life with the added benefit of remaining healthy.

Part 5 of the book is really a “How to go about all this” section. It includes a list of super foods you should eat, meal plans and “Metabolic boost” meal plans. The author has even included a pantry list, a shopping list and most importantly a section for recipes.

For the determined and dedicated, this is a book to alter your life. It has been well referenced and is not just opinions of the author but includes other medical research and trials as well. Every attempt has been made to help the reader follow this suggested path with additional websites for locating unusual or hard to get products.

The index is very comprehensive; however it does not list some diseases of the intestines such as diverticulitis, so anyone with such a disorder may have to seek advice before following the dietary plan.

Following the recommendations in this book would be quite demanding, but the success rate for many of the patients in becoming healthier and losing weight permanently, is high.