The Never, Um, Ever Ending Story 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 6, 2014


Author  Ian ???Molly?۪ Meldrum with Jeff Jenkins

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-76011-205-9
Publisher:         Allen & Unwin
Release Date:    


There are people in this life and then there are ‘people’: Ian ‘Molly’ Meldrum would have to rate in the second category as ‘people’; a living legend, proud Australian and all round humble bloke. His contribution, not just to the Music industry of Australia and globally, but to the youth of Australia, as Australia was emerging from the dark days to a new musical era, or generation, is something that rates up there with considerable impact.

The boy from a small country town, bought up in somewhat dysfunctional circumstance, but with a desire to move mountains, never had any idea when he started out as a music columnist of the massive impact he was to have, not just on music, but on a generation or two of young Australians and their families.

He reflects on his life, particularly the difference after falling from a ladder and lapsing into unconsciousness, his life hanging in the balance, made to how he now relates to his life and the years still to be discovered.

In his long created book, the beginning of which  goes back to about 1979 when he, or someone else decided he should perhaps write a book , has only been finished in time for the 40 year celebration of Countdown, the ground breaking show that bought him to fame, infamy and fortune.

With his undoubted talent for spotting a hit record, a band that would go to the top and his ability to bring, charm, warmth, and fun to living life, his impact has been more than significant.

Generations of young and old Aussies grew up with Countdown as a must watch part of their TV viewing. As the show was created by the ABC in a desire to draw a younger audience to the station the show was viewed across Australia, beamed into the living rooms of families from the Coast to the Outback and all stops in between.

The Producers and Directors of the program grew old before their time with the antics and other Meldrum managed to achieve during the show, but whatever the formula, the show was an unqualified success for many, many years.

As far as the burgeoning Australian music industry was concerned this was a huge boon as it gave the up and coming groups exposure to a massive audience who would listen to and buy their music, all the components of becoming a hit band.

In this wonderful book jammed packed with all the bits and pieces which make up the life and times of one Ian ‘Molly” Meldrum you will laugh a lot, wonder frequently, sit in awe, especially if you were not a child of the ’70’s at how life was then, and how it is now.

The content also documents the birth of what is now the very well respected Australian Music Industry, groups who have risen to international stardom on the back of Countdown and Meldrum’s belief in their music.

HIs has been a remarkable life, lived well and well lived, but all the while Meldrum has never changed;  at heart and in his daily life he still remains a humble bloke who just a happened to land into a fairy story that turned into a legend.