The Storm Keeper’s Island 

Reviewed By  Ian Banks       September 6, 2018


Author  Catherine Doyle

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781408896877
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Release Date:   August 2018  


Set on the Island of Arranmore this beautifully crafted tale of magic and mystery is wonderfully captivating as it pits the forces of good and evil against one another a time old tradition, couched in parts in the mists of time.

When Fionn and his sister Tara get sent to visit their grandfather on the remote island of Arranmore for the long days of summer, Fionn wonders why. He does not know their grandfather but he is well aware that he, like his father before him, come from a long line of lifeboat men. As they draw closer to the Island, Fionn begins to feels something deep, something mysterious calling to him, but what is it; what could it be.

His grandfather is an eccentric old man who has lived on the island all of his life, a Storm Keeper, a position that is magical and mysterious, something that changes with the generations; the Keeper is appointed to ensure the magic of the Island remains pure.Candles are placed in every space in his Grandfathers cottage, special candles that are crafted for a very special reason, one that allows magic to happen, to guide the way and to protect; Candles his grandfather makes, steeped in magic. As the time to appoint the new Storm Keeper draws closer, Fionn realises it is his destiny that he is walking towards; a destiny racing towards the Island as a dark and dangerous storm, a storm similar to the one that took his father 12 years before.

But hidden deep within the island there is a dark and menacing presence, banished to the rocks and underground after the last tussle between good and evil on the Island.  Morrigan has patiently waited for the right person to unlock her prison and let her, once again, challenge all the forces of good on Arranmore. Can Fionn conquer his fears, learn what it is to be a Storm Keeper, rescue his sister Tara from the clutches of evil and live up to the bravery of his father and Grandfather to keep the Island safe?

In this her first novel for middle readers, Catherine Doyle has created a journey into magic, good, evil and beautiful fantasy, all done with a zany sense of humour and knowing that the key elements to weaving a great story are, magic, magic, magic and a wonderful command of the language.

There is definitely another book required for this magical, entertaining and absorbing tale of Fionn, the newest and youngest Storm Keeper of all history on Arranmore!