The Time Travel Handbook 

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       December 18, 2015


Author  David Goldblatt, Johnny Acton and James Wyllie

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781781254042
Publisher:         Profile Books
Release Date:    


Should you feel like reading something vastly different from other books, this is the best you can get. The book includes tours, historical events, and all the information you need to enjoy your trip safely.

The group, who arrange these tours to the past, believe that “History repeats itself. First time as a tragedy, second time as a vacation.” Before the trip begins, you are informed about what to wear, health issues, and languages spoken. It goes without saying that, as you will be travelling and staying in the past you may not alter or interfere with any events or people.

There are many trips from which to choose.  These come under the headings of Celebrations and Exhibitions, Moments that Made History, Cultural and Sporting Spectaculars, Epic Journeys and Extreme Events.  The eruption of Vesuvius is an extreme event that you can visit in August, AD 79 at Pompeii.

Firstly, you have a briefing which gives an overview of the area as it was before the eruption.  Next comes a description of the trip “where you will arrive just outside the city of Pompeii wearing a brightly coloured toga”.  Your accommodation will be rented apartments near the centre of Pompeii.  The following day includes a descriptive tour of the area, which you will leave at nightfall to escape the wrath of Vesuvius, soon to erupt.

So many trips to choose!  Each trip has been carefully researched, and relates to the activity (perhaps an Olympic Games) where dress, food and people are all described.

As with all trips, an outline is given as to where you will be staying, where you will visit or be seated and where you can eat.  The temples and surrounds are described and you are advised where it is safe to go, and which areas to avoid.

This superb Tour Guide Company actually has you, the Time Traveller, watching an historical happening.  You are in the front line of the French Women, marching on Versailles, or on board ship, sailing with Captain Cook to Tahiti and Australia.  What a fantastic way to be intimately involved in History, while not having to leave your chair, or pay a fortune for the remarkable experience!

Eighteen journeys are all carefully set out for the Traveller, all related with care, wit and humour.  This is a marvellous book for Time Travellers all over the world.