The Wisdom Years

Reviewed By  Nan van Dissel       January 5, 2020


Author  Zvi Lanir, PhD

Distributor:      Exisle Publishing
ISBN:                 9781925820232
Publisher:         Exisle Publishing
Release Date:   November 2019  


As life expectancy continues to grow, more and more people will experience the wisdom years and the awareness they bring. Retirement could be the beginning of a new more rewarding life!

Zvi Lanir has written the perfect book, ‘The Wisdom Years’ which allows retired people to understand, explore and value those years post retirement. He offers readers the knowledge, the encouragement and ability to make the most of these valuable years. In his book he explains, using brain theory, why it is important for retirees not to allow their brains to retire, but to simulate them to achieve a new level of awareness in order to reap the benefits of the new life stage which lies ahead of them. By ditching some of the old habits and forming new one’s life could be fuller than before!

The author identifies four personal dimensions; the cognitive, the emotional, the physical and the social, which he explores in detail. He believes that the over 65s’ functional age, quality of life and life expectancy are determined to a large extent by the interrelationship which exists between these personal dimensions. In his book he explains how people can actively influence their functional age and create a ‘personal reserve’ that will empower them to enjoy the wisdom years and delay the infirmities of old age.

For anyone approaching retirement this is a must read, not as a manual for being a happy, successful retiree, but as a well-documented thought-provoking volume on the post retirement years. This easy to read book will resonate with seniors. It will trigger thoughts and ideas which are very familiar.