Turn Yourself On 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       December 13, 2016


Author  Marina J

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780994535498
Release Date:   September 2016  

Website:    http:/www.marinaj.net 

There is much discussion and debate about women and empowerment, but there is also much discussion about the best way to claim what is rightfully yours as woman, what is given to you at birth and what, somewhere along the way gets forgotten; self-confidence and self-worth, the belief in yourself that feeling the best, being the best and rejoicing in being a woman is OK.

As you read your way through this course on discovering the ‘Goddess’ within you, or rather re-discovering the Goddess you knew and accepted as a little girl, you will learn much about how you have grown as a woman and how losing this fundamental belief in self has come about.

Marina J is a woman who has walked down the same pathway as you have or are currently walking; she has faced many of the same issues, many of the same fears and doubts that you have or are at the moment. She is woman, who though the good and bad, finally took the time to work out just what was missing in her life and how to go about reclaiming that which was rightfully, by birth, hers, that of the status of Goddess!

Sounds a bit out there; well, perhaps so, but as you take the time to read what can be considered as a training manual to a better understanding of you as a person, you will find yourself nodding, relating, understanding and committing to the many steps along the way. As you do, you will find that many things you thought we impossible to achieve are beginning to fall into place, are beginning to create a happier and better place to be and the people around you are beginning to respond to the person you are now becoming, once again.

Mind you, this journey is not for the fainthearted, but then nothing worthwhile achieving is, so if you are ready to take that very first step towards becoming the Goddess you have always believed you are, but got buried  some here along the way, begin at page one and don’t stop until you get to the other end.

The journey is about acceptance, empowerment, relationships and relating; it is about facing your past, planning your future, facing your fears and accepting your joy and then, about how to not only achieve what you want, but to ensure that your hard won acceptance of your status as Goddess, remains with you for many years to come.

Good luck on your journey as you set out to ‘Turn Yourself On….’ to becoming the woman you have always known was there, just needing to be bought into the light!