You Already Know

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       October 19, 2019


Author  Helen Jacobs

Distributor:      Murdoch Books
ISBN:                 9781760524371
Publisher:         Murdoch Books
Release Date:   September 2019  


By choosing to read this book, the author, Helen Jacobs, feels that you have made a decision to move forward from a past you have outgrown, to a new way of living. She outlines how her journey began and how she became attuned to “Breadcrumbs” or signs that were dropped by her Spiritual Support Team. All of us have a support team and it is finding them and trusting their voice, that is important.

Listening to your team, you need to balance what you hear. Helen gives suggestions as to how to balance the heart/head reactions, as we need both. Now comes the learning journey, where we are shown how to engage with our support team. At the end of this chapter she proposes a journal which has set tasks to complete. Questions are for the reader to think about and with suggestions she has made in the chapter there to help answer and confirm a direction.

The past is what it was meant to be and has led to your situation now. With this chapter you get to decide where to move, and how to move forward. Intuition plays a huge part in your decisions and again, at the end of the chapter there is an exercise to help with this. Your past has set the way for the future, but you have choices within that.

Step by step, Helen guides us through decisions with careful explanations. The reader also works to reflect on the journal and move to the next phase of the programme, with the journal tasks at the end of each chapter.

The tasks are thought provoking and demand a degree of involvement by the reader. Support and encouragement are clear and well set out. If the reader completes the tasks, they will gain a greater awareness of themselves and how to move their life forward. The reader cannot but move towards healing and a way forward with Helen’s book and strategies.