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A New Awareness: Music of the Twelve Rays

Richard Schulman has on this divine work, demonstrated his absolute genius within the New Age genre of music, a talent, honed over the past decades, of which he considers is channelled from the Divine, to bring to the listener the awareness, on this album, of the Twelve Rays: a metaphor for the Twelve vibrations to encourage self-development and empowerment.

Composed to compliment the book by Michael C Love, The Reality of your Greatness: A Personal Journey Through the Twelve Rays, Schulman has simply taken his Musical Soul Portraits, for those who wish for music to be created for them for the higher good and broadened it to encompass the energies involved within the Twelve Rays.

Soul Portraits are composed on the spot; he meets with a group or person, feels their energies than sits at his keyboards to create a portrait for them. Creating the album was based on a collaboration where each of the Twelve Rays, as described by Michael Love to Richard Schulman who would then sit in a receptive state, allowing the music to arrive, to be transcribed onto the keyboards in pure form.

Schulman considers this music to be straight from God or Spirit, offering empowerment to make change, to discover that the basis for change is already within, and that spiritual change and growth can be achieved through ‘conscious creation’, through understanding and acceptance not pain and suffering as so many believe: these are the fundamental principles behind the Twelve Rays.

The work is absolutely beautiful, designed to be a part of the healing journey as presented in Michael C Love’s book.  As each Ray is studied, the music particular to that Ray and set to that vibration, is there to relax, guide and encourage change to be undertaken.

As a standalone work, it is perfect for relaxation, meditation, empowerment and the conscious or unconscious invitation to allow joy and peace to enter to settle the turmoil within.

The first disc contains the 1st to 7th Rays which encompasses the Rays of Aspect and the Rays Attributes. The second disc commences with the 8th ray containing the five Rays of Soul, completing the journey at the 12th Ray where the listener is encouraged to understand that “We are Spirit and step into your power”.

Powerful and completely Spiritual this is a comprehensive body of work sent without doubt from the Divine to help connect to power, energy and awareness, encompassing healing, love, meditation and rebirth.

Richard Schulman equals Divine perfection on A New Awareness: Music of the Twelve Rays.

Distributor CD Baby
Released 2018
Running Time 1:27:40
Artists Richard Schulman