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A Promise to Kill A Clyde Barr Novel

Clyde Barr is back in trouble again, no matter how hard he tries to lead a quiet and simple life, trouble with a capital ‘T’ seems to come calling. How hard can it be to stop and help an old man on the side of the road who looks to be in pretty bad shape, as he is slumped against the steering wheel of his pick-up truck?

Not that hard:, but this simple act of kindness finds him becoming embroiled in some serious business on the Indian Reservation he just a happens to be passing through on his horse, heading towards the Mountains to do a little hunting and fishing, while he clears his head and gets life back into perspective.

He makes the decision to take the old man into the local hospital where his daughter Lawana is the Doctor. On the way into town he begins to see things are not as they should be as groups of bikers, with no affiliation to the Ute Reservation seem to be hanging about looking for trouble.

The problem is the more Barr learns about what appears to be going on in the run down village, his desire to help the underdog comes crashing back, once again plunging him, along with the old man, his daughter Lawana, grandson Taylor and the townsfolk, into a nightmare that seems to have no end.

In true Barr style, there are no prisoners taken as he sets out to get to the bottom of what it is that makes this run-down, out of the ways place so important that the townspeople are being held hostage.

As the days pass the tensions in the small town rise to killing levels, and when Lawana and Barr accidently discover what they consider is the cause of the problems, they immediately placing not only themselves, but everyone in the town in the utmost danger, as the Reapers and their cohorts will stop at nothing to discover where the ‘payload’ has gone.

As a second book from this new author it maintains the suspense and edge of danger created in his first novel Nothing Short of Dying when Clyde Barr burst onto the scene, a modern day hero with a soft heart, who simply can’t say no to danger.

Barr has as his own indomitable style, a set of lethal skills honed in the jungles of today’s world and a love of supporting the underdog, no matter where he may be found.

Get set for another riveting, page turning adventure as Barr does eventually manage to win the day, get the girl, but once again decides to move on into the unknown, looking and seeking for what, he knows not!


AuthorErik Storey
PublisherSimon and Schuster
DistributorSimon and Schuster
ReleasedAugust 2016